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  1. Is DirectX installed?
  2. Is .NET 3.5 installed?
  3. Does your microphone and headphone (speakers) work with Skype when you are not using Skype Sidetone?
  4. Is your microphone and speakers set up, in Windows Sound and Audio Devices Control Panel, to be the default microphone and speaker devices? (not the default recording microphone and speaker)
  5. Is the mute checkbox for your microphone cleared in the the Windows Audio Control Mixer?
  6. Have you registered the Skype4COM dll?
  7. Have you given Skype your approval to allow the Skype Sidetone program to run?
  8. Have you given the Windows Firewall exceptions for Skype and the Sidetone, to allow the programs to connect?
  9. Have your tried talking into the microphone during a test call, with the Skype Side tone volume control set high? Is the checkbox checked? (When in a conversation, I believe most people will find that the slider set to just below consciously audible is the most comfortable.)

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