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Some ideas for the future

  1. Add echo cancellation and noise suppression features
  2. Add per microphone configuration
  3. Add per callee configuration

Ideas how you can use the code in other projects:
  1. Add ability to record the microphone audio in high quality (for production in podcasts)
  2. Add ability to play a pre-recorded sound file. This might be useful for pre-recording "voice mail" messages, so that you don't have to wing a message when the other party doesn't answer
  3. Use the DirectX's "3-D sound" so that each person in a conference call is in a different spot

Use with other chat systems

The project could be modified to work with other systems that have voice chat. Most often you won't be able send the audio into that program, even if you get a SDK. Instead, Skype Sidetone can run in something like Sound Check mode, and the filtering and AGC would be disabled. Skype Sidetone would have to be modified to have the right sample rate for the microphone and output configuration.

Use with Microsoft Flight Simulator

For example, here is how Flight Simulator could hook into Skype Sidetone. Microsoft Flight Simulator has an admirable SDK. However, I don't have FlightSim so I don't know the specifics. They appear to have broken it out into FlightSim specific, and something called
"ESP" which is the simulation framework that underlies FlightSim:

From there, you can use the "Voice Capture" events to start and stop the Sidetone feedback into the microphone.

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